The Book

Blu Rose and the Land of Saunt

In Blu Rose, Mr. Pew tells the story of Miss Blu Rose, a slender, twenty-six year old woman who left her homeland and traveled to America for adventure and to discover herself –the last wishes of her deceased father Ro Wo. While she is traveling by ferry boat, Blu Rose engages in conversation with a man named Michael Sager. She disembarked with Michael at the mouth of the two swelling rivers in Cairo, Illinois. He spoke of the inherent wilderness and animal fur trade, and then ventured her thoughts to a pyramid believed to be a mere myth, detailing its whereabouts in the southern hills of Illinois.

Blu Rose set herself on the interpreted trail Michael Sager had told her. When she sighted the pyramid, she removed a magic wand from her skirt pocket and commenced to wave it absentmindedly creating the pyramid’s imagery. As she twirled and swirled in playful gestures within the image a trail of blue light would sweep from her moving form; and to her amazement her deceased father appeared. He told Blu Rose that she will become a visionary and an alchemist. She will learn of many new worlds in her travels. She will learn these grand works of alchemy and vision with the powers of her newfound wand. She would need to persevere in this chosen field to serve the people, conquer to master her work, and alight with the true wisdom of her world. She must proceed on her journey to the point of the three rivers, and acquire there, from the alchemist, a proper supply of his finest chemicals. Will she be able to do it and make her father proud?

The Land Of Saunt tells the story of Ginger, a girl who wished to find a new life and a future other than the drab life she will be made to live in the little town she have grown up in. She asks with a crystal ball that her world be created in such a way that her fears of dullness and boredom are banished and her life be filled with challenges and success. Falling into a dream she finds herself in a strange land, in the city of Fort Laramie. She is told that The Land of Saunt had been very much like Ginger’s world until her adulthood but, her crystal ball has made some changes to it. The Fighting Brennons have taken these changes as spiritual signs from their mountain demigods. They have formed a counsel that blames the Christians for the fouling of the sun, and they prepare by day and by night for a great war.

The Christians of Munster (Moon-stir), as well as the Fearless Brennons and the ancient Geometric people of the Land of Saunt are doomed. The Clock of Time has no shadow; therefore, time stands still. Ginger must do her duty as a Christian woman, now that she has become aware of the truth. How will she cure the woes in the Land of Saunt?